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24hr MND Rugby Match

As a brief background to why we are hosting the event……

Motor neurone is a fatal disease which effects around 0.3% of the population. There is no cure whatsoever and leads to loss of life within 2-3 years.

Research shows rugby players are 15 times more likely to develop MND.

Although research is taking place to develop a cure, its nowhere near enough.

MND 24 was started⁩ several years ago.

Our 24hour tag rugby match is one of over 170 global 24 hour events specifically designed to bring government and big pharma attention to MND and act as a catalyst to funding for a cure.

Hopefully our sum will be greater than our parts!

The match will take place 24th and 25th March 2023 at the Jebal Ali center of excellence and shooting club.


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