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Barrelhouse takes Sharjah by storm

The infamous sharjah 10s. Always a great tournament being at the end of the fifteens season here in Dubai.

This year, Matt Rubin (Barrelhouse DoR) and his team of merry men took the opportunity to have some fun in one of the UAEs oldest Rugby venues.

The day started tough with a nail-biting loss to the Jebal Ali dragons, but it seemed to only put a bee in the bonnet of the men in pink who then decided this would be their only loss of the day.

Barrelhouse decided to give their center, Sam Biss, the birthday present he deserved by converting the next two pool games in quick succession.

Back in the final now with the first opponents of the day, a rematch to hoist the trophy and Barrelhouse left no dragon, lizard or ruck unturned. Smoking them in a flame of pink glory and ended with Sam bits himself as the tournament MVP.

Huge congrats to the men in pink and long may they reign. CHAMPIONS.

Sharjah Rugby 10s 2023 Results


Barrelhouse 12-14 Dragons

Barrelhouse 40-0 Tigers

Barrelhouse 17-10 Sharjah


Barrelhouse 34-07 Dragons

🏆 Barrelhouse


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